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A Marriage Well Done

Paperback Edition

Walker, Boo
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In the marriage game, when is it time to throw in the towel? Margot Simpson was raised to believe that you don't run for cover the moment it rains. You don't slide divorce papers across the kitchen island, especially when you have a teenage son. You roll up your sleeves, toss your hair in a bun, and dance in the downpour. When Margot abandoned her singing career on Broadway to follow the man of her dreams to Burlington, Vermont, she never looked back. She embraced her new role as a wife, mother, and homemaker with an artist's passion. For years, her husband was a dedicated partner and father, but his political aspirations are getting in the way of his family's happiness. With his eyes focused on a Senate seat, he's forgotten the people that matter most. Lucky for him, the words "give up" aren't in Margot's vocabulary. She's convinced that if she loves her husband hard enough, he'll awaken from the daydream he's trapped in. But as Margot does everything she can to be the perfect wife, she realizes it's her own awakening--and even sanity--that are at stake. A Marriage Well Done, the prequel to The Red Mountain Chronicles, is a quirky, off-the-wall tale of one woman's dysfunction while carrying out an unorthodox plan to get her husband back. For a free copy of Boo's mystery Off You Go, visit the author's website.

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