Cover Image for A Separate Place: A Family, a Cabin in the Woods, and a Journey of Love and Spirit, Hardcover Edition

A Separate Place: A Family, a Cabin in the Woods, and a Journey of Love and Spirit

Hardcover Edition

Brill, David
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In 1998, David Brill left the stresses and suburban angst of Knoxville and struck out for the pristine Tennessee woods. A Separate Place chronicles his journey to the retreat he created in a 630-square-foot cabin on sixty-eight acres of riverfront wilderness.Carving out his place in rustic Morgan County, Brill reconnects with nature and returns to a life of greater simplicity. Here, while tending to the nearly overwhelming task of overseeing the clearing of the land and building a home, he lays a foundation for a more fulfilling life, and a deeper relationship with his two daughters. It is also here that he must come to terms with the bittersweet ending of his eighteen-year marriage.

In these candid and moving reflections on nature, work, family, and love, Brill charts his sometimes exhilarating, sometimes painful evolution as a father and as a man. He shares invaluable life lessons -- both humorous and poignant -- from his adventures with the buddies who come to lend moral support to a midlife mountaineering feat with his brother to the difficult process of making peace with his wife in the aftermath of divorce. Honest, insightful, and wise, A Separate Place will resonate with all those who yearn for a sanctuary of their own.

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