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A Terrible Secret

Paperback Edition

Glass, Cathy
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Tilly, aged 14, is very angry with her parents. Unable to cope with their fighting any longer and fearing for her own safety, she puts herself into care. She arrives at experienced foster carer Cathy's home with a cut on her face after getting in the way of another fight. Tilly hates her step-father, Dave. He abuses her mother but she refuses to leave him. Cathy becomes increasingly concerned by Dave's behaviour especially when she learns he's been showering Tilly with money and gifts. Cathy suspects there is something else going on. As well as looking after Tilly and keeping her safe Cathy is worried about her own daughter, Lucy. She has a very difficult decision to make and Cathy hopes she makes the right decision as it will affect the rest of her life. One day Tilly receives a disturbing text message and the truth finally unravels. It's far more sinister anyone ever imagined...

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