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After the Devil Has Won

Paperback Edition

Wood, Rick
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They are separated in the apocalypse, and she knows he will not survive. Can she get back to him before the monsters do? Or will they be lost from each other forever?

Cia, a young woman in the apocalypse, is a survivor. She’s had to be to avoid the ruthless creatures and protect her autistic best friend, Boy.

So when the monsters attack and they are separated, Cia is terrified. There is no way Boy could survive the beasts, the people, or the elements.

What follows is a frantic search, where Cia does everything she must to find him. As a result, she endures some of the most horrific experiences a person can go through – experiences that make her wonder who the real monsters of the apocalypse are…

Can she survive the horrors of this world? Can she find the boy she cares about more than anything? Or will the new world of monsters be too much?

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