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Among the Reeds: The true story of how a family survived the Holocaust

Paperback Edition

Bottner, Tammy
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During the dark days of the Holocaust, a Jewish family struggles to survive

When her son was born, Tammy Bottner experienced flashbacks of being hunted by the Nazis. The strange thing is, these experiences didn't happen to her. They happened to her grandmother decades earlier and thousands of miles away.

Back in Belgium, Grandma Melly made unthinkable choices in order to save her family during WWII, including sending her two-year-old son, Bottner's father, into hiding in a lonely Belgian convent. Did the trauma that Tammy Bottner's predecessors experience affect their DNA? Did she inherit the "memories" of the war-time trauma in her very genes?

In this moving family memoir, told partly from Melly's perspective, the author, a physician, recounts the saga of her family's experiences during the Holocaust. This tale, part history, part scientific reflection on epigenetics, takes the reader on a journey that may read like a novel, but is all the more fascinating for being true.

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