Cover Image for Anonymous Rex: A Detective Story, Hardcover Edition

Anonymous Rex: A Detective Story

Hardcover Edition

Garcia, Eric
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Vincent Rubio is an LA PI down on his luck: out of work, car repossessed, partner dead under mysterious circumstances, and his tail just won't stay put. Vince is a Velociraptor dinosaur. Dinos faked extinction, blend in latex costumes, detect each other with strong sense of smell. Vince has odor like smooth Cuban cigar. Two-bit case of arson at a hip dino nightclub lures him back to NYC - where his partner died, and a dangerous nexus of dinosaur and human mingle.

Will Vincent solve the mystery of his partner's death? Will a gorgeous blond chanteuse discover his true identity, jeopardizing both their lives? Will Vincent be able to conquer his dangerous addiction to basil, or will he wind up in Herba-holics Anonymous? Will he find true love, or resort to crumpled issues of Stegolicious?

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