Cover Image for Burning Cold (2) (Cara Walden Mystery), Paperback Edition

Burning Cold (2) (Cara Walden Mystery)

Paperback Edition

Lieberman, Lisa
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Budapest: 1956. Newlywed Cara Walden's brother ZoltAn has disappeared in the middle of the Hungarian revolution, harboring a deadly wartime secret. Will Cara or the Soviets find him first?

Cutting short her honeymoon in Paris to rescue a sibling she's never met was not Cara's idea, but her husband Jakub has a reckless streak, and she is too much in love to question his judgment. Together with her older brother Gray, they venture behind the Iron Curtain, seeking clues to ZoltAn's whereabouts among his circle of fellow dissidents, all victims of the recently overthrown Communist regime. One of them betrayed him, and Cara realizes that the investigation has put every person they've met at risk. Inadvertently, they've also unmasked a Russian spy, who is now tailing them in the hope that they will lead him to ZoltAn.

The noir film of Graham Greene's The Third Man inspires Lisa Lieberman's historical suspense thriller. Burning Cold features a compelling female protagonist who comes to know her own strength in the course of her adventures.

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