Cover Image for Faith-Journaling-For-the-Inspired-Artist:-Inspiring-Bible-Art-Journaling-Projects-and-Ideas-to-Affirm-Your-Faith-Through-Creative-Expression-and-Meditative-Reflection, Paperback Edition

Faith Journaling For the Inspired Artist: Inspiring Bible Art Journaling Projects and Ideas to Affirm Your Faith Through Creative Expression and Meditative Reflection

Paperback Edition

Ackerman, Stephanie
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When faith and art intersect, pure magic happens. Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist is a dynamic and inspiring resource for learning art journaling in Bibles, prayer journals, daily devotionals, and creative life planners.

Dozens of easy-to-follow drawing, doodling, and lettering techniques demonstrate how to develop beautiful uplifting artwork, while a range of creative exercises deliver encouragement to explore faith through the creative process. Whether working with colored pencils, markers, watercolor, or stamps, when it comes to faith journaling, there are no rules!

In Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist, you'll not only learn how to expand your artistic horizons, but also discover how to give yourself permission to create personal artistic expressions of your faith.

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