Cover Image for Fashionable Projects for the New Knitter, Hardcover Edition

Fashionable Projects for the New Knitter

Hardcover Edition

Barlow, Alison
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Who says a knitting project has to be complicated to look fashionable? Simple can be stylish, too--and anyone who can do a basic "knit and purl can make these chic items with no trouble at all. The trick: using quality yarns in beautiful colors and textures. The results will look marvelous...and no one need know that your designer scarf used an easy loose stitch and took just a few hours to create! And there s lots to choose from: [34] projects that include hats, bags, blankets, shawls, sweaters, and accessories. The attractive photos show each one in different yarns and colors, and excellent, easy-to-follow instructions teach how to knit on circular needles, make great felted items, and change colors as you work.

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