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French Children Don't Throw Food

Hardcover Edition

Druckerman, Pamela
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How do the French manage to raise well-behaved children, and have a life?

What British parent hasn't noticed, on visiting France, how polite and civilized French children are, compared to our own? They don't cause havoc in restaurants, they always say 'bonjour' politely to adults, and they never throw tantrums in supermarkets.Why is it normal for French babies to sleep through the night by two or three months? And how do their mothers always manage to look so sexy, cool and chic?

New Yorker Pamela Druckerman never imagined she would end up in a Paris apartment with an English husband and a baby, followed in quick succession by twins. She discoveredthat in France mothers did things differently - and often better. So she set about investigating the secrets of parenting la fran aise. The result is this funny, helpful and informative book.

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