Cover Image for Home to Cedar Branch (A Quaker Café Novel), Paperback Edition

Home to Cedar Branch (A Quaker Cafe Novel)

Paperback Edition

Remmes, Brenda Bevan
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After a betrayal ends in tragedy, Katy seeks refuge from her abusive husband, Hank, in her quiet hometown of Cedar Branch, North Carolina. Taking up residence on the old family farm and landing a job at the local Quaker Caf, she hopes to leave her troubled past behind.

At the caf, Katy finds allies, kind people willing to protect her and offer advice. Theres the gracious owner who insists that manners prevail, the no-nonsense cook who tackles life with a cast iron frying pan, a Yankee transplant who doesnt bow to convention, and a shrewd Southern lawyer who sees a chance for Katy to profit from her predicament. But when Hank discovers her whereabouts, Katys newfound peace is broken. As a heated standoff involving Hank, local and federal law enforcement, and the media ensues, how far will the Cedar Branch community go to avert violence and save lives?

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