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If I Die Tonight

Paperback Edition

Gaylin, Alison
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Late one night in the quiet Hudson Valley town of Havenkill, a distraught woman stumbles into the police station and lives are changed forever.

Aimee En, once a darling of the 80s pop music scene, claims that a teenage boy stole her car, then ran over another young man who d rushed to help.

As Liam Miller s life hangs in the balance, the events of that fateful night begin to come into focus. But is everything as it seems?

The case quickly consumes social media, transforming Liam, a local high school football star, into a folk hero, and the suspect, a high school outcast named Wade Reed, into a depraved would-be killer. But is Wade really guilty? And if he isn t, why won t he talk?

Told from a kaleidoscope of viewpoints Wade s mother Jackie, his younger brother Connor, Aimee En and Pearl Maze, a young police officer with a tragic past, If I Die Tonight is a story of family ties and dark secrets and the lengths we ll go to protect ourselves.

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