Cover Image for Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau: 1968-2000, Hardcover Edition

Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau: 1968-2000

Hardcover Edition

English, John
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This magnificent second volume, written with exclusive access to Trudeau s private papers and letters, completes what theGlobe and Mail called the most illuminating Trudeau portrait yet written sweeping us from sixties Trudeaumania to his final days when he debated his faith.

His life is one of Canada s most engrossing stories. John English reveals how for Trudeau style was as important as substance, and how the controversial public figure intertwined with the charismatic private man and committed father. He traces Trudeau s deep friendships (with women especially, many of them talented artists, like Barbra Streisand) and bitter enmities; his marriage and family tragedy. He illuminates his strengths and weaknesses from Trudeaumania to political disenchantment, from his electrifying response to the kidnappings during the October Crisis, to his all-important patriation of the Canadian Constitution, and his evolution to influential elder statesman.

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