Cover Image for Lifeline-(The-Bayou-Secrets-Saga,-#2), Paperback Edition

Lifeline (The Bayou Secrets Saga, #2)

Paperback Edition

McDonough, Judy; Klaffky, Roger W.
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With her nursing degree in hand and a blossoming new relationship with Cade, Caroline Fontenot is finally happy. Her mother has come to New Orleans to be closer to her, and the ghost of her grandmother hasn t made an appearance since Caroline moved back to the bayou. Life seems perfect until someone she loves is shot during her graduation party, confirming her family is still in danger. Cade becomes increasingly secretive and evasive about his past, and Caroline soon discovers his skills go disturbingly far beyond landscaping and moonlighting in a band. While battling her serious doubts about Cade, Caroline s ex-fianc pops in for a surprise visit at the worst possible time, instantly raising her suspicions about his intentions. Her rotten luck escalates when a freak accident prefaces an encounter with a voodoo woman in New Orleans who reveals two dark spirits haunting Caroline, feeding off her energy and fear. It s only a matter of time before her heart will give out or some other mysterious accident could rob her of her life. She must take immediate action to rid herself of this evil darkness before it overpowers her.

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