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Old Flames, Burned Hands

Paperback Edition

McGregor, Tim
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Struggling to balance an unstable career in music with her obligations as a wife and mom, Tilda Parish s life becomes even more complicated by the mysterious return of an old boyfriend. One who died almost twenty years ago...

At 24, Tilda Parish had it all; her own band and a man she knew was the one but fate had other plans. A fatal car crash took her boyfriend s life and sent Tilda into a spiral of grief.

Seventeen years later, Tilda is married with a 13-year old daughter but her career as a singer-songwriter has been turbulent and unstable. Unable to balance her volatile career with her obligations to her family, Tilda makes a life-changing decision to walk away from music forever. Yet, after burning her guitar in a ritual bonfire, Tilda discovers that the past isn t done with her. Hints of her old life pop up mysteriously and ghosts of her past haunt her present.

Alone one night, Tilda confronts an intruder she believes to be a stalker but the figure that steps from the shadows almost stops her heart. Her old beau appears, the one who died all those years ago.

He hasn t aged a day. He says that he never stopped loving her and that he wants her back. Despite his death and the intervening seventeen years, Tilda realizes that she never stopped loving him either.

And now Tilda Parish is caught between two worlds; the everyday world of her husband and family and this new spooky world of an old lover who has returned from the shadow of death to find her.

What s an ex-musician to do?

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