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On The Way To Pomona

Paperback Edition

Eman, Charles Van
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Charles Van Eman's high-spirited, raucously lyrical novel chronicles the adventures of Tom McInnes, a young man looking for a sign, a clue, a sideways glimpse of what he hopes may be his future. Profoundly disillusioned by his relationship with his family and what he sees happening in America, Tom heads off on a quest to make sense of his life.

The result is a funny and thoughtful novel of embattled faith, love, and the search for truth. Set in America, Peru, and on the shores of Scotland, On the Way to Pomona plunges into mysterious, lonely corners of the human spirit, where the past draws blood, long-held family secrets are revealed, and a determined blue heron has the last laugh.

"Wow, did I love On the Way to Pomona! It's, How I Met Your Mother meets Carlos Casteneda! Anne Tyler meets Siddhartha! I love the picaresque quality of the narrative, the sense of humor, the terrific cast of characters, and Van Eman's fine ear for dialogue."
--Betsy Rapoport, editor, writer

Autographed edition.

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