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One Mistake

Paperback Edition

Halsall, Rona
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How far would you go to protect your happy home?

Sara made one promise to herself when she was growing up in foster care: that if she was lucky enough to have a family, she d always do whatever it took to protect them. Looking around her home with its cosy kitchen and living room, where her energetic teenage daughters and gorgeous four-year-old son all eat, play and live together, she knows she d do anything to keep them safe.

So when Sara s husband Matt loses his job and every shred of his confidence with it, she knows it s up to her to bring the family back from the brink. Though she doesn t know where she can possibly find the money they need to keep afloat.

Until her boss at work offers her a deal. He ll help out. She just has to do him one little favour. But could trusting him save Sara s family, or will it be a mistake that costs her absolutely everything?

This year s most gripping psychological thriller perfect for fans of My Lovely Wife, The Girl on the Train, and Something in the Water.

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