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Say Hello to Valentino

Paperback Edition

Marin, Miranda
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"Miranda Marin's unique voice hurtles you back like a speeding bullet train to the decade that began with the deaths of Janis and Jimi and the murders at Kent State. Against this unlikely backdrop her talent for black comedy shines as her heroine desperately tries to make peace between the exjunkie pothead love of her life and her recently-widowed and thoroughly uncouth father. Needless to say, her attempts fail miserably but so hilariously that you will laugh out loud. This is Miranda Marin's first novel. We can only hope she writes at least one for each decade." -Marty Simas

Meet two substance-abusing lovers and a cantankerous old Italian named Chick, all trying to survive the excesses of the 70's.

Capturing the seventies era in a run-down town on the banks of the Hudson, sixty miles north and a lifetime away from all the glamour of New York City, author Miranda Marin takes us on a journey that exposes the highs (very high!) and crashing lows of Jesse McLaughlin and Terri Micelli, a couple who are addicted to everything, but especially each other.

Then meet Terri's father, Chick, a character with outlandish views on pretty much any subject from his revered Pope to the "no good alkie" his daughter adores. Join the adventure as he drives them out of his life on a wild and crazy joyride you won't forget.

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