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Scheduled to Death

Paperback Edition

Feliz, Mary
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Professional organizer Maggie McDonald has a knack for cleaning up other peoples messes. So when the fiance of her latest client turns up dead, its up to her to sort through the untidy list of suspects and identify the real killer.

Maggie McDonald is hoping to raise the profile of her new Orchard View organizing business via her first high-profile client. Professor Lincoln Sinclair may be up for a Nobel Prize, but hes hopeless when it comes to organizing anything other than his thoughts. For an academic, hes also amassed more than his share of enemies. When Sinclairs fiance is found dead on the floor of his home laboratory -- electrocuted in a puddle of water -- Maggie takes on the added task of finding the womans murderer. To do so, shell have to outmaneuver the suspicious, obnoxious police investigator shes nicknamed Detective Awful before a shadowy figure can check off the first item on their personal to-do list -- Kill Maggie McDonald.

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