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Paperback Edition

Rose, Rie Sheridan
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Brenda is trying to cope with raising her four-year-old daughter after an accident tore her family in half. As she and Daisy go for a much-needed treat, the little girl spots a Skellyman on the corner.This pivotal encounter leads to a wave of mounting terror as Brenda's life begins to come undone around her.

Who is the Skellyman? Why does he keep appearing? Can the sympathetic policeman Brenda turns to stop the madness before it is too late?

And why does Daisy insist that her dead brother is trying to tell them something important?

I have always preferred the supernatural in tales of horror, the knot between life and death. Rie Sheridan Rose's Skellyman is cool and creepy. Her first horror novel is a chilling read. - Charlee Jacob - Stoker winner, best novel, "Dread in the Beast"

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