Cover Image for The Beggar King (A Hangman's Daughter Tale), Paperback Edition

The Beggar King (A Hangman's Daughter Tale)

Paperback Edition

Pötzsch, Oliver; Chadeayne, Lee
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The year is 1662. Alpine village hangman Jakob Kuisl receives a letter from his sister calling him to the imperial city of Regensburg, where a gruesome sight awaits him: her throat has been slit. Arrested and framed for the murder, Kuisl faces firsthand the torture he's administered himself for years.

Jakob's daughter, Magdalena, and a young medicus named Simon hasten to his aid. With the help of an underground network of beggars, a beer-brewing monk, and an Italian playboy, they discover that behind the false accusation is a plan that will endanger the entire German Empire.

Chock full of historical detail, The Beggar King brings to vibrant life another tale of an unlikely hangman and his tough-as-nails daughter, confirming Potzsch's mettle as a writer to watch.

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