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The Complete Book of Cockatiels

Hardcover Edition

Grindol, Diane
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How can you keep your cockatiel's mind active and engaged? What foods are most nutritious and most interesting for your pet? What do you need to know about mating and breeding behavior? What's the best way to hand-raise chicks so that they get the most from their parents, and from you? All your questions are answered in this complete book for the cockatiel enthusiast, presented in beautiful color.The Complete Book of Cockatiels includes the most recent information on nutrition, breeding and social behavior from the University of California-Davis cockatiel research project. This is a book serious enthusiasts will learn from and novices will treasure. Everything you need to know to keep a healthy, happy bird is here. Topics include choosing a bird, choosing a veterinarian, nutrition and feeding, daily care, enclosure design, socialization and play, treats, toys, training, safety concerns, medical emergencies, communication, behavior and breeding. A selection of stories from cockatiel owners illustrates how these charming birds have changed people's lives. A treat for the eyes and the mind.

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