Cover Image for The Fens: An Abby Endicott Mystery (Abby Endicott Novels, 3), Hardcover Edition

The Fens: An Abby Endicott Mystery (Abby Endicott Novels, 3)

Hardcover Edition

Wechsler, Pamela
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Pamela Wechsler's enthralling series returns with The Fens, and promises to shock readers old and new.

Chief of homicide district attorney Abby Endicott hasn't had the easiest adjustment to normal life. Her wealthy Boston family has cut her off because of her dangerous job, her new apartment with her musician boyfriend Ty is not up to her standards, and her impending position as godmother to her new niece or nephew is overwhelming. However, her personal life is about to be put on hold when the catcher for the Red Sox goes missing and she gets the case.

Soon, it's not just a case of a missing celebrity. Another player turns up dead and the frantic search for Rudy Maddox escalates. It's when Abby discovers greased baseballs and mysterious sums of cash belonging to the victims that she realizes this goes far deeper than she realizes, and it may be more than just the Red Sox's season in danger.

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