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The Kirk

Paperback Edition

Albemont, L.I.
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What do you do if the very ground is evil? If something so horrific happened here that it can never be cleansed?" Welcome to "The Kirk," the page turning new horror thriller from best-selling author L.I. Albemont. A picturesque town with a dark history is the setting for Albemont's newest offering. Secrets lie beneath the prosaic surface of the small town of Falkirk. The bucolic beauty conceals an ancient evil that lurks in the quiet woods and lanes, an evil that feeds on murder and madness and fear. L.I. Albemont is the author of six novels including the critically acclaimed Living Dead Series. Her debut novel, Contagion, spent three months on Amazon's top one hundred best-sellers list in Horror and Alternate History and was featured on Squidoo's list of Best-Ever Zombie Novels. The novel was also on Bing's list of Best Zombie Novels of 2012. Editorial praise for the writing of L.I. Albemont "The world of independent e-books is crammed full of zombie related reading material. Some of these e-books are written well, others are written really well. "Contagion" written by L.I. Albemont falls into the latter category." Arts and Entertainment "In a time when zombie novel books seem to litter the shelves of every bookstore, or the screens of every website, this is one that is refreshing in its difference." -The Zombie Librarian Praise for the writing of L.I. Albemont: "A really wonderful Southern gothic scare." "Great story! It never stops moving." "Hands down one of the best novels in the genre.

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