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The Spirit of Antoinette

Paperback Edition

Ramseur, Michael
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Michael Ramseur, Danvers Asylum artist, historian and novelist, recounts in The Spirit of Antoinette how his sickened and exhausted body and mind were haunted and taken on a journey through Hell. Antoinette herself may have been conjured up as a guide or then again, perhaps not. After all, Ramseur has researched the 19th century in these north of Boston areas and its economy, culture, history, mills, immigrant workers, people, and medical and psychiatric institutions for so long that it may now be impossible to separate real people from ghosts, fact from fantasy. Antoinette has served as the device for Ramseur to finally begin an exorcism. And we may never really know how much of the story is the product of his tortured imagination, indeed, if any of it is.

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