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Timeless: Love, Morgenthau, and Me

Hardcover Edition

Franks, Lucinda
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An intimate look at one of New York s most defiant, iconoclastic couples, and the trials and successes of their marriage

To say that Robert Morgenthau and Lucinda Franks are opposites feels like an understatement. She s a radical, self-styled hippie, and he is New York s famous district attorney, a legal luminary of the establishment; she s a prizewinningNew York Times journalist who has chained herself to fences, bloodied draft files, and otherwise broken the law for her beliefs, and he is a secret iconoclast who could have put her in jail.
Timeless: Love, Morgenthau, and Me is the memoir of their triumph against the odds, their ongoing thirty-five-year marriage, a union between two people so deeply in love but so different and with so many decades separating them that their family and friends fought to keep them apart.
Franks offers a confidential tour of their marriage, as well as the never-revealed, behind-the-scenes details of Morgenthau s famous cases. We see a red-faced Ronald Lauder storm into Morgenthau s office after the DA seizes a priceless Egon Schiele painting from the walls of the Museum of Modern Art; we witness the CIA dismissing Morgenthau s discovery of the growing terrorist cell in New York that would become al-Qaeda headquarters. This is an unusually close look at the privates lives of two well-known people who have always refused to reveal themselves to the public.

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