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Why We Die (The Oxford Series)

Paperback Edition

Herron, Mick
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The road to hell is paved with all sorts of intentions, as Oxford private investigator Zoë Boehm discovers when a straightforward jewelry store robbery turns out to be anything but.

When Zoë Boehm agrees to track down the gang who knocked over Sweeneys jewelry shop, shes just hoping to break even in time for tax season. She certainly doesnt expect to wind up in a coffin. But shes about to become entangled with a strange collection of characters, starting with suicidal Tim Whitby, whos dedicating whats left of his life to protecting the pretty, battered Katrina Blake from her late husbands sociopathic brothers, Arkle and Trent.

Unfortunately for Zoë, Arkle has a crossbow, Tim has nothing left to lose, and even Katrina has her secrets. And death, like taxes, cant be avoided forever.

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